Is Sealy A Better Mattress Brand Than Simmon And Serta?

Published: 23rd September 2009
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Sealy has often been compared with Simmons and Serta. These three mattress company has generations after generations of mattress expertise up their sleeves so they have often been associated with each other.

However, we can also say that they have individual strengths and weakness. After all, no mattresses are one hundred percent alike. These differences can actually help you decide if Sealy is really the better mattress brand.

Sealy offers an array of products with a variety of technology. They have innerspring mattress and there are also spring-free mattresses. When it comes to innerspring mattresses, consumers say that Simmons is still a batter choice. Its zero motion transfer is really more effective than Sealy or even Serta.

However, Sealy provide a very comfortable memory foam mattress. Any back aches and pain issues are effectively reduced and eliminated so you will wake up feeling fresh and well-rested.

The comfort depends on the consumer. If you want a full support to your lumbar region and to your other sensitive areas, Sealy Posturepedic line is good. But if you want soft and cloud-like comfort, try something more lavish like the Vera Wang mattress from Serta or the Beautyrest collection from Simmons.

Sealy has a very reasonable price range. They have affordable mattresses and slightly more expensive mattresses. If you are not getting latex or memory foam, the price is easy on the budget. But expect to pay for a more expensive mattress if it has memory foam or latex in it. The price runs around 800 bucks up to more than a thousand bucks.

Customer Service
There really is not much to say about the customer service of Sealy. We can say that their service is rather average. There are some good points and there are also some misses.

Serta is the company known for their customer service. Their passion for ensuring that their consumers stay happy with their services is something that needs to be lauded.

Over-all, Sealy is a good and trustworthy company. They could not have stayed this long in this industry amidst the fierce competition if people do not like them. And when it is compared with Serta and Simmons, there really is not much of a difference. Maybe just in the individual features of their mattresses which is a different topic altogether. But in a general sense, Sealy is a worthy opponent of Simmons and Serta.

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